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 1.6 Rules [ Read before you Fill the App Out]

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PostSubject: 1.6 Rules [ Read before you Fill the App Out]   Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:25 am

1: MUST be active in forums
2: Must be 15+ of age. [ We have an Age Requirement for the 1.6 side, why because we feel players who play 1.6 should be slightly older then Cs:S]
3: Must be active in game [But be more active in the forums]
4: No fowl language
5: Do not disrespect clan members, Clan Leaders, Moderators, Admins, or Division Leaders.
6. N0 double tagging//Clanning.[ Anyone caught waring another Tag, Will be kicked from the clan. N0 second chances]
7.Caught HACKING will permanent ban.

More Rules will be added as the Clan Grows

[ Please Note that Being ACTIVE in the Forums & in Game Is a BIG plus !]

We recoment you getting Xfire as well @ Http://www.xfire.com
its free..and works wonders.



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1.6 Rules [ Read before you Fill the App Out]
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