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PostSubject: Aplication   Aplication EmptyWed May 11, 2011 10:56 am

Name:Cristian Mantale Nicolae
In-game handle:PewPew
Division:CS 1.6
Steam ID:got no steam right now goin to buy one soon
AIM/MSN/Xfire[ Or a Way we can IM you]:cristi_mantale@yahoo.com ( Yahoo Messenger id ) and skype id : cristi.mantale
Did a Recruiter Recruit you? if so Who?:nop
How long you've been playing:I`ve been playing cs since I was a lil kid , but about 4months+ ago I started to play on respawn, HS only server, normal and many others.
Favorite Map:de_dust, de_inferno, fy_snow , fy_buzzkill (these are only a few)
Favorite Gun:deagle,usp ,awp, ak47,m4 , scout.
Do you have a Mic:[witch is now required for scrims] : yes I do have a mic
Willing to be on a Match Team: I do , that`s why I`m here Razz
Willing to help pay for server/hosting: for now I can`t help to much , not yet on my own but soon i`ll be and sure why not Razz
Additional info:I`m from Romania , I hate hackers like cats water, I took some tips off how to play and how to control spray from HeatoN ,I`m funny Razz , friendly and u will find out more about me soon Razz
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