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PostSubject: Welcome to the Forums   Welcome to the Forums EmptySat Apr 04, 2009 5:32 pm

Clan ToR. Guests:
Welcome to Clan ToR. Forums; it's a sincere pleasure to have you. To view and utilize our Forums, you must register a new account first.

New Clan Members:
Please register your name with the ToR. tag.

Interested in Joining?
If you are interested in joining, please register and post your application using the proper format in the Forum section 'Joining ToR.' Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within six hours regarding recruitment.


Leaders: GothGirl, TheWrath
Clan Divisions: Counter-Strike, CS:Source


CS Public:
CS Private:
CS:S Public:
CS:S Private:
Ventrilo IP: dfw01.xtremegameservers.org 4264


Name: GothGirl
AIM: deathjenny
Xfire:: gothgirl1
Email: jinrilony@yahoo.com

Name: TheWrath
AIM: Morbidangel4422
Xfire: CannibalCorpse64
Email: bdelbrook@yahoo.com

General Forum Rules
- Stay On Topic!
- Do not insult/attack at anyone.
- Keep cursing to a minimum.
- Do not bring up old, useless topics.
- No necro posting.
- Absolutely NO ADVERTISING!
- Do not double post, you should use the edit button.
- No racism!
- Do not start topics that have already been made!
- Do not spam! (Includes replys/topics with only a couple of letters)
- Post in the right category please !
- Do not make topics/posts that make no sense.
- Do not post illegal stuff or warez. (will be ip banned)
- Do not question moderators decisions!
- Admins and Moderators decisions are FINAL.
- You may only express your true hatred ( :realmad: ) feelings in VENTING.

Signature Guidelines
- You can not have more then 2 signatures at a time (This Excludes Rank Images).
- No Pornography, or racial.

All Punishments vary on what you do, for a complete list of Forums rules and punishments, go to https://torc.forumotion.net/general-f1/forum-rules-t53.htm?sid=2ba1081da713d44f53dd6755492d59f5

-ToR. Leadership

Welcome to the Forums 15rjm10
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Welcome to the Forums
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